EntertainmentIrina Baeva meets Geraldine Bazan's mother at an event and pretends not...

    Irina Baeva meets Geraldine Bazan’s mother at an event and pretends not to have seen her

    Irina Baeva meets Geraldine Bazan's mother at an event and pretends not to have seen her

    Irina Baeva Y rosalba ortiz coincided in the same event, but although they passed practically next to each other, both avoided looking at each other because while the actress pretended not to knowthe mother of Geraldine Bazan he ended up running from the press.

    Although the marriage between Geraldine Bazan Y Gabriel Soto came to an end several years ago, both actors have learned to maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their two daughters; However, the one who does not seem to forgive the actor is Dona Rosalba Ortiz, mother of the actress, who has not only launched strong comments against El Soto, but has also shown that she cannot see even in painting Irina Baeva.

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    And this was confirmed by the cameras of the “Ventaneando” program, where they shared the exact moment in which the actress of Russian origin and the mother of Geraldine Bazan were very close to seeing each other face to face during a fashion event, but this managed to be avoided by both.

    In the images, it can be seen when Dona Rosalba offered an interview while behind her back she walks Irina Baeva, who pretended not to have seen Gabriel Soto’s ex-mother-in-law. After the embarrassing moment, the villain of “El Dragon” gave a brief interview in which she was a little annoyed and decided to attend to the reporters, before whom she denied the rumor that she says she had already bought her wedding dress in Spain.

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    Faced with the question that seems to have bothered him, he replied that it was not the time to talk about personal issues since just a few days ago he had spoken about it, in addition to ensuring that nothing had changed regarding his relationship with Gabriel Soto with whom the plans are maintained. wedding despite the constant rumors of separation; She immediately preferred to withdraw from her, supported by her public relations officer, who did not detach herself from her for a single moment.

    I did not hear that. No, guys, this is really not the time to talk about personal issues.“, he mentioned.

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    For her part, Geraldine Bazan’s mother not only turned her back on Irina Baeva, but she also avoided giving statements contrary to previous occasions in which she has attended representatives of the media. Given the uproar caused by the actress, Rosalba Ortiz decided to leave the place.

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