EntertainmentIran Castillo shared the hard experience of having her baby hospitalized

    Iran Castillo shared the hard experience of having her baby hospitalized

    Recently, Iran Castillo Pinzon faced one of the most difficult tests of integrity that he has had to live at 46 years of age.

    Through her social networks, the actress and singer He shared with his fans how sad it was for him to see his son Demian hospitalized without being able to do anything beyond trusting the ability of the doctors who treated him with the aim of reestablishing him.

    We recently had to be in the hospital with this little angel and I wanted to do this reel, because I admire so much that he always had the best attitude ”, The Veracruz woman pointed out in a message that accompanies a video piece where her baby of no more than a year and a half can be seen, already completely restored.

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    Likewise, Iran recognized that observing her prostrate and vulnerable son led her to reflect on the importance of thanking life for enjoying good health and ask for that of others who face greater difficulties to get ahead.

    “There is so much to learn from children. The true teachers of teachers. I love them with all my heart. Thank you for existing and teaching me so much, for being patient with me, because sometimes I don’t learn fast with the hard head that I am. I pray for all the children that they are healthy and full of well-being. They are such divine little angels,” he said.

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    Aware of the great support she received from her family and friends, the actress expressed all his gratitude to Jose Ramos, father of his babywho remained at the foot of the hospital giving him all his love in the most difficult moments.

    “I love you deeply Pepe Ramos, always thanking you for your presence and your love. Thank you for holding me when it was necessary to be by my side, for gently calming me down. How nice to continue walking with you. She was a great dad and husband. We did it!” she mentioned.

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    It should be noted that, In addition to her little Demian, Iran Castillo is the mother of a 12-year-old girl, which procreated next to Gabriel Castaneda.

    The most recent works of the actress from Buenos Aires in the recording studios were the film the exorcism of God and the television series Bravas FC.

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