EntertainmentIn tiny underwear, Jailyne Ojeda paints her body black and makes works...

    In tiny underwear, Jailyne Ojeda paints her body black and makes works of art

    The model Jailyne Ojeda This week he raised the temperature on Instagram by sharing a carousel on his profile showing how He used his body to make works of art.

    The youtuber wearing beige string pantyhose and no bra She showed how she painted her great body black and showed off the canvases on which she sat and lay down to leave her voluptuous attributes captured on them.

    In the post she made, she appears in the first photo sitting on the floor with her body to one side, covering one breast with one of her hands, with the other holding the brush with which she painted herself covering the other breast. Behind the model you could see her painting where she stamped her butt and hands.

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    In the second photo she is also seen lying on her side on the floor and showing behind her the canvas where she captured her breasts and abdomen.

    The third post in the carousel is a video showing how she painted her rear before making the artwork.

    As expected, fans have gone crazy with the publication, leaving more than a million likes and more than two thousand comments.

    “I wish I were that brush”“That painting has a greater value”; “How beautiful you are, my love. I love you, my baby. Beautiful, my heart and very sensual. Greetings from Ecuador. “I have been your fan for a while, my beautiful Jailyne.”; “Why do you always look at the ground?”; “Hello beautiful beautiful, very pretty my love, take good care of yourself, kisses”; “Call me Van Gogh, this work of art is priceless” and “I never wanted to be a brush until today”are some of the comments that can be read in the post.

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    Source: La Opinion

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