EntertainmentIn shorts and a corset, Altair Jarabo captivated the networks with a...

    In shorts and a corset, Altair Jarabo captivated the networks with a selfie in front of the mirror

    True to her style and elegance, the actress Altair Jarabo cHe shared an interesting reflection through social networks while he looked stunning in an outfit with transparencies and a pronounced neckline. Read on to find out the details!

    From her official account on Instagram, the comedian of melodramas such as “In the name of love” and “Abyss of passion” was seen in a look that stole the attention of Internet users, as it combined sensuality and elegance.

    It was a striped tailored suit made up of an oversized blazer and shorts that gave his proposal a sophisticated touch. Nevertheless, the star of the show was the very tight corset with transparencies that hugged her waist which became the star of the show.

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    In addition to giving a taco de ojo to her digital community of almost 4 million followers, Altair Jarabo took the opportunity to reflect in the way that only she knows how to do it.

    “Speaking of contradictions… I have never liked the color gray or what it represents. At the same time, I recognize that very few things in life are so absolute that they can be seen and resolved in black and white.
    The good thing is that none of this has to do with clothes, ”the famous wrote to accompany her publication.

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    As a result of her photography, dozens of comments arose in which the histrionics was filled with compliments; One of her most used arguments is that time “does not pass over her”.

    “The best musical symphonies as well as the best works of literature have been written in black and white… You are spectacular”, “Your hairstyle wow. You look so pretty!!” and “The outfit is beautiful and you too”, are some of the messages that are read on the Internet.

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    • Altair Jarabo exudes elegance in an electric blue outfit that highlighted her curves
    • In a sexy black bikini Altair Jarabo shows off her statuesque figure among the waves of the sea
    • Altair Jarabo boasted a waist and neckline in a fiery selfie in front of the mirror

    Source: La Opinion

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