EntertainmentIn a funny video, Eduin Caz shows off his $300 panties

    In a funny video, Eduin Caz shows off his $300 panties

    The Mexican regional singer Edwin Caz caused a stir on social networks after joining a comical challenge in which he revealed the cost of the outfit he was wearing. The surprise? One of the most expensive elements of her look was her underwear. Read on to find out the details!

    The audiovisual broadcast through Tik Tok shows the vocalist of ‘Grupo Firme’ while he wears a casual outfit made up of shorts, a white shirt and comfortable shoes.

    However, when the presenter of the viral challenge of ‘How much does your outfit cost?’ He questions him about the cost of each garment, Internet users were left with their mouths open to discover that his underwear had a value of $5,000 pesos, that is, $300 dollars.

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    The exorbitant price of the garment is due to the fact that it is a Versace design, one of the singer’s favorite brands. And it is that in his presentations together with Grupo Firme, the singer has worn various garments from this fashion house.

    As expected, it didn’t take long for users to comment on this challenge, as well as the celebrity’s choice of clothing.

    “My boxer is worth about 5 pesos, my shirt 20 and my sandals 20 and my shorts 20 haha”, “In the 3 brothers the sandals are 80 pesos”, “In humble” and “It looks cool, I don’t know why they throw at him so much, he looks very noble, and not conceited as they say ”, are some of the comments that can be read under the publication.

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