EntertainmentHumberto Zurita confesses for the first time the illness that Christian Bach...

    Humberto Zurita confesses for the first time the illness that Christian Bach suffered | VIDEO

    The family they formed Humberto Zurita and the late actress Christian Bach She became one of the most enviable in show business, since they were never involved in scandals, far from it.

    Therefore, on this occasion it surprised more than one that the great protagonist of “La querida del Centauro” decided to break the silence and give some details that the majority of the public and even those close to the family were unaware of about the death of the Argentine actress.

    It was during an interview he had with the television host, Anette Cuburu, where For the first time he spoke about the illness that attacked his wife, Christian Bach, who unfortunately lost her life unexpectedly in February 2019.

    Until now it was unknown what had ended his life, but in this recent talk, Humberto, Stephanie Salas’ current partner, confessed that cancer was what took the love of his life away from him.

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    Zurita opened up to his millions of followers to confess that his wife had serious complications from cancer. Immediately afterwards she said that she would not give more details because that is what the actress born in Argentina wanted..

    After revealing that Christian Bach had cancer, Humberto Zurita confessed that he would never give the details that they experienced during this difficult time because his deceased wife wanted it that way.. He put an end to the controversy by saying that his life is not a show and he has eternal respect for his wife.

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    The Mexican actor revealed his status with Dona Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter, as he confessed that he does not plan to marry Sylvia Pasquel’s daughter.

    Just as you read it, Zurita was very clear when asked if he plans to go to the altar with Michelle Salas’ mother. Well, he assures that they are no longer at that stage, which is a hard blow for Salas, since she had confessed that it is one of her great wishes.

    It is no secret to anyone that for Stephanie Salas reaching the altar is a dream, as she has made it known on different occasions, However, this dream will not be fulfilled with Humberto Zurita because the actor revealed that there are no wedding plans, since that “is no longer used.”.

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