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    Hugh Jackman revealed that he is going to therapy to heal a childhood trauma

    Hugh Jackman In short, he is one of the male figures who knows how to dominate the cameras and the red carpets, but behind that confidence there is a vulnerable person.

    The Australian actor revealed that is attending therapy to heal a childhood trauma, in order to improve his relationship with his wife and two children.

    Jackman, 54, had a very precarious childhood, as he his mother abandoned him at the age of 8 for “undiagnosed postpartum depression”, leaving him with his father and siblings in Sydney.

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    This trauma and His dad’s deatha little over a year ago, they have taken Jacman to see a therapist.

    “I started treating myself recently. It is helping me a lot... We all need a shelter,” the well-known “Wolverine” told Who magazine. “Having someone intelligent by your side, who is a bit removed from your world, can be really useful (…) The most important thing is that it is helping me to relate more and better with the people I love in my life, and to really understand and live in their shoes” he highlighted.

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    jackman currently He has a good relationship with his mother. but he has confessed that he spent many years feeling very angry towards her.

    “I can remember the morning he left. I remember seeing her with a towel wrapped around her head and saying goodbye to me. I went to school and when I came back there was no one home”, the actor spoke through tears in an emotional interview in 2012.

    The actor assured that he never thought about therapy, but after participating in the movie “The Son”, where he is the father of a teenager with serious problems, he felt the need to heal wounds that he believed had been overcome.

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