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    How much does the controversial pink charro suit that Christian Chavez wears on the RBD tour cost?

    The Mexican singer Christian Chavez sparked controversy more than two weeks ago after wearing a pink charro suit at the ‘Soy Rebelde Tour’ concerts. of the reunion after 15 years RBD.

    The outfit, made by renowned designer Adan Terriquez, It has been criticized by some as alleged cultural appropriation and a lack of respect for charro tradition.

    The queen of the Mexican Charreria Federation, Luisa Echevarria, earlier this month, addressed Chavez through Instagram to invite him to “Wear our clothing, that of the charros, in accordance with our canons and that you allow us to be recognized in the world through your art also for the elegance of our costumes.”

    The actor also responded to the request by apologizing in case he had offended anyone. At that time he assured that his costume was not a traditional charro costume, but rather an interpretation of Mexicanness. Chavez also said that he respected the charro community and that he did not intend to offend them.

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    “I am only making this video for the people who felt offended: I am very sorry, it is not a charro suit, I am not a charro, it is an interpretation of Mexicanness.” like the Mexican pink color, like some parts of Mexico, but it’s a show, I am not a charro, I am not in a charro competition, I respect that community a lot“If you felt offended, I’m sorry, but at no time was it like that,” Christian said.

    After the controversy, Chavez made an adjustment to his wardrobe, because instead of wearing tennis shoes, he now wears ankle boots, something more similar to the traditional.

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    The charro costume designer Adan Terriquez assured a few days ago during an interview with the Mexican program ‘Ventaneando’ that Yes, it is a charro suit.

    Terriquez commented that the suit has all the characteristics required to be a charro. “It has all the cuts, the pants are super tight around the legs, it has the hood that goes down so that the boot can fit in, it has the buttoned to the charra, the jacket, the vest is charro, the bow is charro,” said.

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    The designer who has worked with various artists commented that making the suit was “exhausting work” and that it cost thousands of dollars.

    “It’s around $3,000, they asked me for it in a week and a half (…) Yes, it was exhausting work, but the result was incredible”said.

    Terriquez believes that the public’s annoyance could be due to the color of the suit. “I think people are dissatisfied because he is a man and he wore it in a very Mexican, very strong pink (…) Here you realize that there is a lot of machismo in Mexico and in the United States,” he commented.

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