EntertainmentHollywood Vampires reportedly canceled concert in Budapest because Johnny Depp fainted

    Hollywood Vampires reportedly canceled concert in Budapest because Johnny Depp fainted

    After Johnny Depp’s chaotic 2022, which will be remembered as the year of the controversial trial with his ex-partner Amber Heard, 2023 has focused him on his musical career and he undertook a tour with his group hollywood vampiresin which he shares the stage with great rock figures such as Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Tommy Henriksenand who is currently offering concerts in Europe.

    However, the scheduled date in Budapest, Hungary for July 18 was cancelled. The band issued a statement in which it could be read that: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Vampires will be canceling tonight’s show.”without giving more details about the reasons and also announcing that they would refund the cost of the tickets.

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    A couple of days later, the local newspaper ‘Daily News Hungary’ published that an anonymous source revealed to them that the actor and guitarist had fainted. “Johnny Depp passed out so badly that a doctor had to be called to his hotel room in Budapest”revealed the informant.

    What most drew attention to the situation is that their next concert, scheduled for July 20 in Slovakia, was also cancelled. However, on that occasion they did disclose the reason and it was because the facilities were not suitable for the event to take place.

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    “Upon arriving at the venue in Slovakia today to begin setting up for tonight’s show, it quickly became apparent that the construction of the facility was incomplete and therefore not safe for the band or the public.”could be read in part of his statement.

    On the other hand, they also gave some clarity about Depp’s state of health. “This cancellation is not related to the recent cancellation in Budapest, but we can assure you that the band members are safe and sound. We will see them in Poland, Germany and the United States in the next few days.”

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    On the other hand, members of the staff such as Kyler Clark, Alice Cooper’s assistant, made reference to the notes published in the Hungarian media, assuring that they gave false information. “An evidently still dead Johnny Depp took the stage with The Hollywood Vampires in Poland, moments ago”was what he wrote after Hollywood Vampires performed without mishap at the Legend Rocka Festival.

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