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    Hector Parra wrote a letter from prison where he reiterated that he never abused his daughter

    Hector Parra, the mexican actor who was recently sentenced by the courts to serve a sentence of 10 years and 6 months in prison for the crime of corruption of minors, but above all because it was his own family who denounced him, he continues his version that he is innocent.

    From the jail where he has remained since he was detained by the authorities, wrote a letter in which he claims to be the victim of revenge led by ex-wife Ginny Hoffman, whom he attributes to having put the idea of ​​denouncing him in his daughter Alexa Parra’s head for allegedly having improperly touched her when she was only six years old and until she was 14, when she decided to tell what was happening to her.

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    Despite having so much against me, I am free in heart and spirit, but the perfect day and hour will come and divine justice and I will be completely free.
    I have denied and I continue to deny outright and categorically the false accusations that my own daughter, obviously manipulated, trained and threatened, has lent herself to such vile complicity. Which I regret with deep pain and more for her than for me, ”says part of the document.

    The 47-year-old actor he insists that the person responsible for the entire stratagem that led him to lose his freedom is the woman with whom he once decided to start a family without imagining that years later it would lead him to lose everything.

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    “How strong to recognize that my daughter is a victim, but not of her own father, as they want to make it seem. She is the victim of anger, spite, frustration, revenge of an inhuman and unscrupulous mother.
    Since the first day my daughter was born I have loved, cared for, supported and above all respected her. Never in my life not for a single second have I been able to disrespect either of my two daughters in any way possible,” the letter states.

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    The controversial thing about the legal process brought against the actor is that on May 12 he was acquitted of seven alleged sexual assaults, but 13 days later he was found guilty. of corruption of minors.

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    Source: La Opinion

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