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    “He was never afraid”: The documentary about the life of Chalino Sanchez, the first narcocorrido singer to be murdered

    In Mexico there are several musical artists who are part of popular culture, either because of the way they lived or how they died, and the mystery that surrounds these events makes people adopt them as references, especially in drug culture. One of them is Chalino Sanchezwho was the first narcocorrido singer assassinated and who, 30 years after that event, a documentary tries to reveal what happened.

    Rosalino Sanchez Felix, better known as Chalino Sanchez, was born and died in Culiacan, Sinaloa, a land that has seen dozens of drug traffickers pass through and where conflicts have developed over this issue. That may have been the inspiration for him to sing about what was going on, but apparently it was also what caused him to be shot to death in 1992.

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    Years after his voice was silenced by two bullets, a documentary narrates what was the life of that man whose grave reads the epitaph “I was never afraid” And, it was precisely that legend written in the place where his remains rest, which gave its name to the project carried out by Vix+ “Never was afraid”, which can be seen in the US through the Pantaya platform. There are five chapters where the events that made the singer a legend are told.

    death and revenge

    One of the myths surrounding Chalino Sanchez is the fact that murdered the man who raped his sisterreason for which he also fled to the US, according to the newspaper El Pais, a medium that interviewed the director of the documentary production company, Luis del Valle, who narrated that to achieve production they had to travel to Los Angeles and Sinaloa, but they got the participation of two of the singer’s brothers, as well as his wife and daughter.

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    Other misadventures and tragedies in the life of Chalino Sanchez will also be present in the documentary, as well as what happened the day before his murder, when received a note during a concert, which made him blanch as he read it.

    Mauricio Velez, producer of the documentary, says that something that caught his attention was that Chalino had been so successful despite not having a great voice, the story involved him so much that now he listens to corridos, since before it was a genre that he did not it was to his liking.

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    It should be noted that not only relatives of the late singer participate in this project, but also renowned musicians and producers, such as Los Tucanes de Tijuana.

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    Source: La Opinion

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