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    Half a German assures that Shakira put a stop to Tom Cruise’s flirtations. Why Lewis Hamilton?

    Much has been said about the supposed flirtation and possible romance that would have started Shakira with the famous and coveted Hollywood heartthrob, Tom Cruise. But the reality is that they did not go beyond rumors and only a few images while they chatted at the Miami Grand Prix.

    Where Shaki really did not look very comfortable let’s say with the renowned actor of films like “Top Gun” and the “Mission Impossible” saga.

    It was precisely for this reason that, after being captured at said event, various media began to report what was happening among celebrities.

    The first to do so was Page Six, who revealed that, according to a source close to Nicole Kidman’s ex-husband, he announced that Cruise was interested in the Colombian.

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    “He is extremely interested in looking for her. There’s chemistry.” adding that Tom might have an advantage by being “an attractive and talented guy”He also stated that he was so captivated by the South American, and he had even sent her flowers.

    But on the part of Shakira, the perception would be somewhat different, because she would not have felt comfortable with what she lived next to Tom, and for that very reason she would have spoken to him to ask him to stop his courtship.

    Well, according to what the German magazine Heat World reported, Shakira spoke with Tom Cruise to make it clear that she is not interested in anything more than a friendship.

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    Since at that moment I would have argued that she is focused on her career and her children, Sasha and Milan, fruit of his relationship with Gerard Pique, from whom he separated a few months ago after 12 years of relationship.

    Even said medium pointed out that Tom was delighted when he met the singer of “Anthology”, and It was even revealed that his way of flirting to win her over was very similar to the one he used with Katie Holmes, his last wife, whom he divorced in 2012..

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    However, for the Colombian it was very different, because “I was just being friendly and posing for photos with Tom,” explained the German outlet, which also pointed out that the actor was telling everyone that she was the woman of his dreams.

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