EntertainmentGuaynaa's ex-girlfriend accused him of having started an affair with Lele Pons...

    Guaynaa’s ex-girlfriend accused him of having started an affair with Lele Pons out of interest

    The urban genre singer guiana is in the eye of the hurricane after his ex-partner came out to talk about the alleged interests behind the affair with his current wife lele pons. And it is that Jacky Fontanez assured that the famous man only sought interest because of his fame. What was that he say? Read on to find out.

    It was during her appearance on the podcast ‘Las Mas Perras’ that the young presenter recalled her relationship with the interpreter of ‘Rebota’ and even described him as an exemplary boyfriend. However, she made a revelation that left netizens speechless.

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    “Within the relationship there was a moment when he himself went to me and said ‘look, I’m writing to Lele, I want her to appear in a video of mine.’ And I replied: ‘But the artist doesn’t look for the model, but her work team.’ And he told me ‘no, it’s that I want to become friends with her because it will be cheaper for me to become friends with her,’” the young woman assured.

    Likewise, Fontanez indicated that despite the fact that Lele Pons herself knew that the singer was in a relationship, she came to make insinuations to the singer in which she admitted that she “wanted to have a boyfriend like him.”

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    “He taught me all those conversations. She knew about me. She said ‘this relationship of yours is so beautiful,’ ”explained the influencer as well. “He told me ‘it suits me because she has a lot of numbers and the song would give her streaming’.”

    Given the statements issued by Jacky Fontanez, dozens of fans of the couple made up of Lele Pons and Guaynaa did not take long to come out in their defense and assure that it would be a smear tactic now that the celebrities are happily married.

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    Let’s remember that the singers swore eternal love in front of their family, friends and one or another celebrity, becoming a trend on social networks thanks to the various publications in which a taste of the ceremony was given.

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    Source: La Opinion

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