EntertainmentGigi Hadid wore a tight corset that marked her wasp waist and...

    Gigi Hadid wore a tight corset that marked her wasp waist and outlined her figure

    Gigi Hadid wore a tight corset that marked her wasp waist and outlined her figure

    Gigi Hadidwell-known supermodel and former “angel” of Victoria’s Secret, has given a class of style and glamor by parading through the streets of New York in an elegant outfit that highlighted her tiny waist. Here we tell you the details!

    Through social networks and various specialized fashion media, some photographs of Yolanda Hadid’s eldest daughter began to spread. clad in an outfit that gave a lot to talk about for the great body he showed off.

    It was a nude color pants, pink oversized shirt that was accompanied by a accompanied by a very tight corset in the same tone as the pants. This last garment streamlined her figure and accentuated her waist.

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    The great outfit of the famous had a very special, and that is Gigi Hadid launched her new clothing line, Guest in Residencein New York City, for which an event was held where several stars paraded, including her sister Bella Hadid.

    However, this has not been the only occasion during the week that Zayn Malik’s ex-partner heads the headlines. In fact, his name graced the tabloids alongside that of Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio.

    And it is that a source close to the actor revealed that he would already have the model “in his sights”: “Leo has his sights set on Gigi but she has shown no interest. They are friends, but she doesn’t want to be romantic right now,” he confessed to “US Weekly.”

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    Despite the stir that this news has caused, the model of brands such as “Tommy Hilfiger”, “Reebok” and “Victoria’s Secret” has decided to keep a low profile and ignore what they will say.

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    Source: La Opinion

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