EntertainmentGet to know the mansion that Gunther, a millionaire dog, 'bought' Madonna...

    Get to know the mansion that Gunther, a millionaire dog, ‘bought’ Madonna with his large inheritance

    have you heard of guntherthe millionaire dog that Madonna sold him one of his mansions and then he put it up for sale for $29,000,000 dollars? Although many media believed this story, it all turned out to be a lie that was repeated on so many occasions that more than one ended up believing it.

    “There is no dog sleeping in the bedroom that used to be Madonna’s. It’s a totally made up story. The broker is talking nonsense. There is no dog. There never was a dog. The owner thought it would be a fun way to do a reality show. That’s it,” a source revealed to the disappointment of many in an interview with The New York Post.

    Gunther’s story became so, so viral that Netflix has even released a docuseries based on him and the way he amassed his supposedly vast wealth.

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    “It is the story of a rich dog and an inheritance. The dog is a German shepherd, but it is also a concept. It’s an ideology, it’s a lifestyle. It is also a story of manipulation of the media, of the search for happiness. It has universal themes that relate to people,” said the director and producer Aurelien Leturgie.

    According to what has been reported, Gunther VI, as is his full name, would have received an inheritance from $400,000,000 dollars by his great-grandfather Gunther III, who, it is said, belonged to a wealthy countess, who would have left him all her fortune when she died.

    Although the story of Gunther and his millionaire wealth seems beautiful and it is inevitable that it does not touch our hearts, to our sadness it is false and was created by the Italian businessman Maurizio Mianwho is actually the tycoon and not the dog.

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    “The false history goes back 20 years. Maurizio wanted to get into the movie business and made up this story. It is the biggest scam. It is a joke. I wish someone would put an end to this nonsense. Right now, they have hired a dog and they are filming it in the house”, declared an informant at the time.

    The mansion, built in 1928 and in the Mediterranean style, has an extension of 7,947 square feetwith nine bedrooms, eight full bathrooms and one half bathroom.

    It also has a hall, kitchen, dining room, dining room, living room, main room, TV room, garage for three cars, among other rooms.

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    Outside, on his lot 1.17 acresIt has a terrace, extensive green areas, a swimming pool with its respective spa area, a guest house, fountains and a private dock.

    To see more images of the mansion that belonged to Madonna, but never belonged to Gunther, click here.

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    Source: La Opinion

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