EntertainmentGet to know the incredible Disney-inspired house where Toni Costa stayed in...

    Get to know the incredible Disney-inspired house where Toni Costa stayed in Florida

    The dancer Tony Costa stayed last weekend, on the occasion of the 2023 Convention for Zumba Instructors, in a very nice house in Florida inspired by the Disney universe and that has a capacity to receive up to 30 people.

    The property, which is located about 7 miles from Disney and about 18 miles from Universal Studios, is distributed over two floors, has 10 bedrooms with 18 beds, as well as 9 full bathrooms.

    “The Great Escape”, as this residence is known, is completed by a hall, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, office, coffee bar, cinema room, heated pool, spa, two laundry rooms, garage inspired by Top Gun, among other rooms.

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    The bedrooms are inspired by the universes of Moana, Tropical King, Garden Wall, Black Panther, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, Avatar, Peter Pan and the traditional princesses.

    Outside it has a terrace, green areas, a barbecue area, a bonfire, among other amenities for children and adults.

    The cost of lodging per night is $978 dollars per night, although the minimum stay is two days, so the rate to pay reaches $1,955 dollars.

    To see more images of this house, click here.

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    Source: La Opinion

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