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    Gerard Pique’s girlfriend is denied psychiatric tests in court Clara Chia ended up crying!

    Today the former player of the FC Barcelona, Gerard Piquehis girlfriend Clara Chia Martin and the correspondent of The fat and the skinny, jordi martin. The same person who would have been denounced for feeling “harassed” by the paparazzi. Let us remember that the Catalan has also been one of those who received the most information and exclusive information on the case of the separation of Shakira has made public.

    Own Jordi Martin talked with lily estefan and Karina Banda about everything that happened inside the courts in Barcelona with Gerard Pique and Clara Chia. From the outset they asked to be in another room so as not to see a reporter from univision. Let’s remember that he himself has said on several occasions that he has 12 years covering everything related to Shakira and the former soccer player.

    “Clara Chia put on a show inside the room. She started to cry. She said that she was a victim of everything, that she was getting dizzythat she has changed her habits, that she cannot go out to eat at a restaurant, but that her mother has to bring her a tupperware with food…”, commented Jordi referring to all the images that he has taken of the girlfriend of Gerard Pique in social outings and that contradict this allegation of the young woman.

    He also commented that the judge asked him if he thought it was an object of use for Clara Chia Martin and thus seek to annoy and take revenge on Shakira, to which the correspondent stated. He also said that his defense was based on the exercise of his work and assured him lily estefan that live I would not say more, so as not to legally commit.

    But he did make it clear that everything that was said behind closed doors, he was not amused. He cataloged the statement of Clara Chia Martin as: “Atrocities that he has said in court”.

    “… This psychiatric report has no validity because you have not brought any psychiatrist to testify today… The Public Ministry has defended freedom of expression, freedom of the press, free journalism…”, Jordi Martin alleged about what the judge said about the psychological tests that the young woman presented.

    He also said that he proved to the judge that, contrary to what they allege Clara and Piquehe not only covers them, but also many stars, including several of hollywood and of sport. She even talked about her work in recent weeks with Camilo Sesto’s son, now called Sheila. Same report that we reviewed in The opinion.

    “I have a phobia of the press. I have a phobia of appearing in the media…”, allegedly said Clara Chia. The correspondent refutes this argument saying that the president of the kings league posted on his account instagram a picture with his girlfriend. He assures that this also violates his privacy. “If you have a phobia of media appearance, your partner should not post a photo with you, should post it alone“he added.

    From the psychological reports, he said that the judge asked Clara Chia Martin How is it that Martin took some photos of him on a date and, a month later, claimed that he was suffering from anxiety attacks and a picture of phobia. All this based on the statements of the paparazzi.

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    Source: La Opinion

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