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    Geraldine Bazan remembers when she did a casting with Sergio Andrade: “They put me in a room”

    Geraldine Bazan remembers when she did a casting with Sergio Andrade: "They put me in a room"

    Geraldine Bazan He made strong confessions in ‘Secretos de Villanas’ about the beginnings of his career when he had to take an acting test to get a role; but all this happened in front of Sergio Andrade who asked him to enter a room alone when he was still a minor.

    The second season of ‘Secretos de Villanas’ began on October 20 for Cinnamon.TVbut not everything has been glamorous with the most emblematic villains of all time, well Aylin Mujica, Cynthia Klitbo, Gabriela spanic, Geraldine Bazan, Sabine Moussier Y Sarah Mintz They have surprised their fans by showing that they have also experienced difficult events throughout their career, but also in their private life and that they had never told before.

    This is how, during a trip aboard a private jet to Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Geraldine Bazan recalled an anecdote in which her life could have changed completely, because without knowing the danger he ran with Sergio Andradewho was dedicated to recruiting underage girls with the promise of making them future stars in music, was called to do a casting.

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    “I did a program with Gloria Trevi when I was with Sergio Andrade still on XETU-Remix and the program ended and the girls who were there They called us to a casting, absolutely nothing was known yet, So they call us, we go where they call you, “he began to narrate.

    He immediately recalled that the former representative of Gloria Trevi first asked her to sing and then to do a scene in which she asked for a job pretending to be a “poor girl who has absolutely nothing and now you are a girl who has everything, rich, strawberry” , assuring that he was trying to push her to the limits.

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    However, it was thanks to the care that his mother always had, Mrs. Rosalba Ortizwho managed to get out of the danger in which he surely found himself.

    They put me in a room to wait, my mom was outside because they told her that the girl should come in alone, my mom saw that she hadn’t come out in 10 minutes, she knocked, she came in for me and we left. Afterwards, absolutely everything was known, ”she explained.

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    This and other stories will be revealed during the next nine episodes of ‘Villain Secrets: The Holidays‘ where these six personalities expose between laughs and tears how they really are when they are not acting as villains in novels, discovering everything that unites them as actresses: being women, wives and mothers while sharing together an intense vacation that will change their lives.

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