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    Galilea Montijo is no longer hiding! She stars in a passionate moment on the beach | VIDEO

    The Mexican driver Galilee Montijo He no longer hides to show his love to his new conquest, the Spanish model, Isaac Moreno. With whom he starred in a sensual and at the same time very romantic video, while they were in a pool.

    The presenter of the Televisa morning show “Hoy” was seen very, very in love in a video that seems to have been a leak and has already gone viral on social networks.

    Where Gali is seen practically completely embracing the model, while he kisses her, and they played a little with their kisses.

    This would have been while she is on vacation with him on a paradisiacal beach, where she had not wanted to give clues that they were together. But the mystery came to an end with this video that is already viral on social networks.

    Montijo assured that they were just friends and were getting to know each other, but several months have passed and the couple cannot hide that their relationship is something formal. A video was even leaked on social networks where you can see how they spilled honey in their last moments. vacation.

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    Until now, not even the host of Hoy nor her new beau have appeared together before the media cameras or on social networks, the couple no longer hides what they feel.

    In this clip you can see the happy couple spending a few moments full of love while they enjoyed the weather and a delicious pool in Tulum, one of the destinations where Galilea Montijo and Isaac Moreno spent their vacations and from what can be seenthe couple cannot spend minutes without being able to touch, hug and kiss.

    It was through social networks that the romantic message that Moreno left him went viral. in one of her thousands of photographs where the presenter is showing off one of her many outfits that she wore for “The House of the Famous.”

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    Isaac Moreno became a trend after last March, the Spanish model was captured on the beach having a great time with the host. And just days later he confirmed that they were meeting, although there was still no formal romance.

    Since then, Galilea and the handsome Spanish model had been very careful not to be seen together, until this past weekend when they attended “The House of the Famous Mexico” together to enjoy the presentation of Manuel TurizoHowever, now the couple even write romantic messages to each other on social networks.

    Despite this, so far neither Galilea Montijo, much less the model Isaac Moreno, have openly confirmed their relationship. But it seems that it was no longer necessary, because after seeing them together on the beach, Issac made it clear that he loves the Guadalajara driver, as he professed it to her online.

    It was in one of the reels that Galilea Montijo shared this weekend where Isaac Moreno couldn’t get enough of love and had to shout to the world that Guadalajara has him in love.

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    Given the tender comment where Isaac Moreno says “I love you” to Galilea Montijo, she only limited herself to answering him with two red heart-shaped emoticons followed by several plus signs.

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    Source: La Opinion

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