EntertainmentFrederik Oldenburg hooks up with Peruvian presenter who fired his live producer

    Frederik Oldenburg hooks up with Peruvian presenter who fired his live producer

    Andres Hurtado ‘Chibolin’ He is a renowned Peruvian presenter, who is in the midst of controversy after firing his producer on air, while he was hosting the program ‘Miss Peru La Pre 2023’for misspelling one of the questions. Given that, he was invited to an interview on the Telemundo morning show, ‘Today’where he had an intense exchange of words with Frederik Oldenburg.

    Like his colleagues Daniel Arenas and Chikybombom, the Venezuelan questioned the way in which the Peruvian driver reacted with his producer, who he said had been working with him for almost ten years.

    ‘Chibolin’ defended himself, claiming that he needed to be very delicate, as he assures that due to a poorly asked question, one of the adolescents participating in the contest could lose the crown. The Colombian actor was the first to approach him by asking him if he did not read his scripts before starting the program.

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    “What you’re trying to do is make me look bad right now”Andres Hurtado replied, which immediately provoked the reaction of Frederik Oldenburg, “no, no, no, no, it was a five word question”he mentioned, implying that his reaction to the misspelling was overblown.

    “Surely and logically, Mr. Frederik when his producer says something to him, he says amen to everything, that’s why he asked me that question, with a medium low blow”, the Peruvian driver claimed. To which the presenter of “Exatlon Estados Unidos” responded forcefully:

    “In this company, at Telemundo-NBC, we respect each of the workers live and behind the scenes, and everything is discussed, and everything has a respect process above all… You cannot leave it in public the way it is. the one that was left, I would like to know how the producer feels, I would like to interview the producer to see what he feels too ”.

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    Given this, ‘Chibolin’ defended himself arguing that it is not the same to “speak from Peru”, to which Oldenburg once again reacted by saying that “education is the same in Peru and in the United States”.

    For his part, Chikybombom told him that he considers what he did to be an “abuse of power” and asked him to put himself in his producer’s shoes. “I would like to tell Chikybombom, with the respect you deserve Chikybombom precious, it is not an abuse of power, it is not an abuse of authority in any way”he replied.

    She also revealed that in the short time she has been on Telemundo she has made many mistakes and that she would not like to be shown as he did with his producer, because all human beings can make mistakes.

    “Although the question was taken at random, before you asked the girl the question, you should have read it, and excuse me.”sentenced the driver.

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    During the rest of the interview, the Peruvian presenter referred to as “royalty” and “her majesty” to Frederik Oldenburg and also the hosts of the show assured that, during the commercial break, he asked that they remove Daniel Arenas, who asked him the first question, to continue with the interview.

    Lastly, Penelope Menchaca invited Andres Hurtado to visit the studio of ‘Today’, to which his colleagues subscribed, although the Peruvian was not amused that the Venezuelan did so too and even called him a hypocrite.

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