EntertainmentFrancisca returns to 'Despierta America' screaming and Jomari Goyso gets upset

    Francisca returns to ‘Despierta America’ screaming and Jomari Goyso gets upset

    The television host Francisca was absent for a week from “Despierta America” ​​because she was on vacation with her husband and son, but he has already returned to work and the first thing he did was annoy his friend Jomari Goyso.

    Just before going on signal on the air, ‘Fran’ said “good morning” from the recording set to his more than 4.3 million followers on Instagram as always. However, the effusiveness and tone in which he did it made his partner uncomfortable.

    “GOOD MORNING”said the Dominican, shouting with joy while making a video for her Instagram stories.

    Immediately upon hearing her, Jomari with a little seriousness told her: “Stop screaming”.

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    The former Nuestra Belleza Latina winner laughingly commented: “I know. This annoys me when he yells, but that’s how I greet ‘with substance’. Good morning, how are you? We’re back in ‘Despierta America’.

    Given what the driver Goyso did, he continued speaking and giving him to understand that he should moderate his way of speaking a bit.

    “I don’t want to change, my love. I am very happy as I am: ‘unique and unrepeatable’”, he commented confidently and ended with laughter.

    The Spaniard joking with his partner said: “Empowerment Message”; And she answered: “At this time, my best coffee.”

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    Just before leaving on a trip to Italy, Francisca lived an embarrassing moment in the middle of the transmission of “Despierta America” ​​after making a daring comment about the singer Maluma.

    On that occasion they were talking about the physical change that the artist showed on Instagram and apparently “Fran” did not think what he was going to say and when he spoke he naturally released that the Colombian was “edible”.

    His friend Goyso caught the comment and asked “Fran” what she had said, when she made her conscious, she ended up embarrassed while he joked about calling her husband to tell him what had happened.

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    Source: La Opinion

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