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    Francisca is moved by sharing a tender moment with her son: “You do everything to entertain them”

    Francisca, host of the “Despierta America” ​​program, never fails to surprise her followers with her posts on social networks. And it is that The famous take the opportunity to share a more relaxed side with her almost 5 million followers.

    Proof of this is his most recent feat on Instagram, where he published a video in which he was seen in one of his facets: that of mom.

    “What we have come to 😂 One does everything to be on par with the children and entertain them 🤣 I still have fun!!”Francisca wrote to accompany the audiovisual in which she is seen driving a miniature toy car, courtesy of her son Gennaro.

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    With this publication, Francisca reiterates how special her two-year-old son is to her, and gives a “taste” of how she has fun with him during her afternoons, reminding her followers not to let go of her inner child.

    As usual, the profile of the famous did not take long to be filled with reactions. On this occasion, most of them were positive. Here we share some of them:

    “Francis, you can now send Genaro to be an Uber lol”; “That is very good, that is not repeated, enjoy your prince” and “My respect without my admiration for you, how good that you enjoy your child so much and that you have fun and that you bring out that girl that you have inside”are the answers with which the public applauded her work as a mother.

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