EntertainmentFrancisca from Despierta America would be pregnant, according to Vanessa Lyon

    Francisca from Despierta America would be pregnant, according to Vanessa Lyon

    Everything indicates that the darling of Univision and Hispanic entertainment, Francisca could be pregnant with her second baby. This according to what Fernan Velez, host of Lo Se Todo de and WapaTV in Puerto Rico, explained. As explained and reviewed, the partner and mother of Carlos Calderon’s son, Vanessa Lyon, was the one who reportedly gave the news in advance.

    Francisca was left without luggage during her vacation.
    Francisca was left without luggage during her vacation. Photo: Mezcalent.

    Nalgo Razzi, yes how Fernan Velez is known, together with his partner Brenda Rivera, explained that Vanessa was interacting on her social networks and someone He asked her if there was a pregnant host on the set, supposedly alluding to the Univision show.. To which Carlos Calderon’s partner responded in the affirmative. Make sure this is with Francisca, the star of Despierta America.

    Fernan says that it was the couple of this television presenter who was fired: “… And that she herself, in revenge, He choted on this television presenter, that is, he damaged their exclusive. We are talking about Vanessa Lyon, the wife of Carlitos Calderon about the supposed pregnancy of Francisca Lachapel”, said Fernan Velez.

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    In the interaction on social networks between Vanessa Lion and her followers, one asks her: “Why do you say that, is it that someone is pregnant? To which Carlos Calderon’s partner responded and alluded to their own pregnancy.

    “Yes, but they want to do as I did, that I kept it private and then the surprise they didn’t even know, it gave them a good rating. They want to apply the same”he said, but until then he had not mentioned the conduct of Despierta America, Francisca.

    However, in another publication by the also winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina in which she covered her abdomen with a cushion, Vanessa Lyon herself also commented: “Applying what I applied.” Referring, as explained, Fernan Velez to hide the possible pregnancy.

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    Without a doubt, here there seems to be some discrepancy between Lyon and Francisca, or at least, that is what he perceives. Until the time of closing this note, Neither the host of Despiedra America, nor Univision, nor any of those involved, had made direct mention of this fact.

    At some point, the actress Vanessa Calderon said in an interview with the Mamas Latinas portal that the dismissal seemed strange to her. She gave the benefit of the doubt to the fact of the controversy that existed between her and Calderon, who had filed a lawsuit against her for domestic violence.

    Vanessa Lyon talks about the firing of Carlos Calderon from Univision
    The Venezuelan actress revealed if she believes that the scandal they experienced affected the work of the Mexican. Photo: Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images.

    “It’s very difficult because it took many years, it’s not like he’s a talent that’s been there for 3 years or was an extra on a couple of recordings, it’s a long career. It was his house”he said for the digital medium, while making it clear that he is not, nor has he been, the only talent on the television plant with this type of controversy.

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    “It could have been yes, but he is not the only person with scandals involved there, if it is going to be done, then it is even, right?…”. Vanessa Lyon and Carlos Calderon are currently together and enjoy spending time with their son.

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