EntertainmentFor Diomedes Diaz's birthday: manager revealed his lucky number

    For Diomedes Diaz’s birthday: manager revealed his lucky number

    Diomedes Diaz He is undoubtedly one of the most recognized Colombian singers in the world. On May 26, the artist would have turned 66, and that is why his manager revealed what was the number he considered lucky.

    Joaquin Guillen, who was the artist’s manager, published a series of numbers that would presumably be the lucky numbers to play in the lottery: Those “lucky numbers”: 1225, 1325, 1266, 1366, 5766, 5726, 6626, 2666.

    Diomedes Diaz, also known as the “Cacique” had a life full of love, success, money, education, children and drug abuse.

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    Among his greatest hits are: “May 26”, “I couldn’t love you more”, “That’s how God made me”, “My godson”, “He was like me”; among others.

    Diaz also won a Latin Grammy Award for Best Cumbia/Vallenato Album in 2010, also won the “Congos de Oro”, awarded at the Barranquilla Carnival Orchestra Festival.

    The singer also made a soap opera in 2015 for Canal RCN, entitled “Diomedes, el Cacique de La Junta”.

    The Congress of the Republic of Colombia will promote that the date of May 26 be declared as National Civic Day in honor of the birthday of Diomedes Diaz, This was reported by the artist’s former manager, Joaquin Guillen, to El Pilon newspaper.

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    Guillen added that this is an initiative of the followers of the “Cacique de la Junta” who honor his birthday inside and outside the country.

    Besides, this campaign is supported by a specific congressman, but Guillen did not offer details of his name or to which party he belongs.

    “I am going to promote a campaign collecting signatures with all the Diomedicism to request Congress to make May 26 a national civic day. Because it is that people already make it civic, because everywhere they celebrate, not only here in Colombia, everywhere they are celebrating, ”he said.

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    The main function of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia is the approval of the laws that govern the country. In this kind of situation, apart from the ministers, the courts and control bodies; collective initiatives require for their consideration in the legislature that the equivalent to a minimum, 5% of the current electoral census have been collected.

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