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    Featherweight boasts a new, eccentric and millionaire luxury. He ate a golden steak! | VIDEO

    One more time Featherweight He boasted that not only is he a multimillionaire, and that was not because of his music, but let’s remember that he was born in a cradle of gold. So it is not news that since he was born he has been accustomed to luxuries, and this time he showed that he has no limits, because now he ate GOLD!

    Just as you read it, the Mexican singer used his social networks to once again show off his luxury. But this time, in addition to wearing million-dollar jewelry, you can also have the luxury of eating gold.

    On his official Instagram account, Peso Pluma boasted to his followers that he was about to taste a cut of meat. Until then everything seems normal, but what really surprised us was the dish became very expensive and special, after a dazzling golden crust was enveloping the top of the juicy fillet..

    Given this, the millionaire from Guadalajara Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, real name of Featherweight, believed it was a great idea to show off such luxury to his fans.

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    Well, he uploaded a video on his official account, and even though he did not describe the place where he was to try such a dish or the millions it cost him to try it, many fans revealed these details in various publications in which they revealed what the Mexican won.

    Let us remember that Featherweight manages to be so successful thanks to the support of his family, who have great contacts that helped him position himself in unexpected places for vile mortals, in addition to relying on their vision and talent. Since she is a member of one of the wealthiest families in Mexico.

    Various Mexican media claim that this dish cost the tricolor more than a thousand euros, which can only be enjoyed in the restaurant of the famous chef ‘Salt Bae’. The Belgian who has been characterized by his famous performance to present said dish.

    This is not the first time that Peso Pluma boasts this type of luxuries, as he is always dressed in ostentatious outfits, in which you can see the brands of those who are like Louis Vuitton, Burberry or Monastery.

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    Featherweight also boasts several of his private plane trips to various destinations around the world, one of which caused the most stir was when he took a few days in the Dominican Republic with the model Dania Mendez with whom it was also rumored that he had had a fleeting romance that did not progress.

    The luxury cars, the jewelry he wears, the parties he is invited to, and all the famous friends he has. has in his contact list are also part of the eccentric life of the star who claims to be one of the artists of the moment.

    It was through a recording that he uploaded to his official TikTok account where you can see the way in which he sings one of the most popular lyrics of 2023.

    Rivera chose to perform nothing more and nothing less than the song “She dances alone”, the success of Peso Pluma and Eslabon Armado, the soloist and one of the groups of the moment have broken boundaries and presented the sound of the “corridos tumbados” .

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    Precisely for this reason, the video has gone viral in which Pedro Rivera himself sings some of the verses of this song, which he claims he is preparing for a “duet with Peso Pluma.”

    This caused comments from fans of the famous family to break out, and platform users were divided between those who recognize Pedro Rivera’s career and those who criticize his foray into this new genre.

    And in the same way, there were those who assured that his granddaughter Chiquis’ voice is very similar to his, while he was not saved from those who asked him to leave music for more talented people.

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