EntertainmentFabiola Campomanes takes off her pants and shows her silhouette in a...

    Fabiola Campomanes takes off her pants and shows her silhouette in a risky photo

    Tremendous stir caused the Mexican actress Fabiola Campomanes After turning to her official Instagram account to post a photo with which she showed that age is just a number and she remains as beautiful as ever.

    The carousel of images in question allowed her to be seen in a fun location with which she showed off her outfit of the day. It should be noted that The outfit revealed her shapely legs thanks to the fact that it was an oversized white shirt with only fishnet stockings underneath.

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    The rest of the photos shared by Fabiola Campomanes showed her with a smile from ear to ear and experimenting with different poses that delighted the public.

    “No pants… no problem,” Campomanes wrote to accompany the postcard that showed his shapely legs at 50 years of age and that just a few hours after being published brought thousands of “likes” and comments.

    It didn’t take long for the publication to be filled with compliments addressed to the actress, among which the following stand out: “Fiu fiu”, “Bella”, “Always so pretty and spectacular”, “Linda”, “Precious as always” and “What a great body, When I grow up I want to be like you.”

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    Currently, Fabiola Campomanes shares credits with Barbara de Regil, Matias Novoa and Rafael Inclan in the melodrama “Cabo”, where she plays ‘Malena Sanchez’ and enters the homes of millions of people night after night.

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    Source: La Opinion

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