EntertainmentErik Rubin refuses to accept that the ex-members of Timbiriche have aged

    Erik Rubin refuses to accept that the ex-members of Timbiriche have aged

    A few weeks after the curtain of the musical “Vaselina” rises again in Mexico, where the base of the singers who participated in the work 39 years ago will practically meet again to try to make the public enjoy, In his role as producer, Erik Rubin dismisses the idea that the former members of Timbiriche who were invited to join the project have aged.

    “Fortunately we are very well, We have all taken care of ourselves, we have preserved ourselves. I feel very good, better than ever, and that’s how I see my teammates. Although there is an age difference on stage, it is not felt, “he said.

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    However, when confirming that Most of the “Grease” cast is twice the age of the students whose lives are featured in the hit movie “Grease.” and on which the story is based, it is quite evident that time has wreaked havoc on the cast of the musical.

    Although it is true that, in 1984, the actress Julissa and her brother, the television producer Luis de Llano Macedo, perfectly chose the protagonists of a staging that lasted months on the billboard, almost four decades later the acceptance it may have among the public is unknown.

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    Benny Ibarra, Erik Rubin, Diego Schoening, Alix Bauer and Mariana Garza have already passed half a century and seeing them representing young students can have a counterproductive effect. in an audience that already knows the story. However, the admiration of their fans for seeing them sing and dance could bring the work afloat.

    The original cast of Vaselina includes Andrea Legarreta, Angelica Vale, Maria Leon, Kalimba and Yahir, characters who are also far from being 20-year-olds, but whose presence could contribute positively to the project.

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    The musical that marked an entire generation in the 80s is scheduled to premiere on July 13 in Mexico City and the time it lasts on stage will be determined by the audience’s response.

    It is worth mentioning that it is also scheduled to take the work to the main cities of Mexico with the aim of better monetizing the project.

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