EntertainmentEnrique Guzman accuses Mayela Laguna of hiding little Apolo and she responds

    Enrique Guzman accuses Mayela Laguna of hiding little Apolo and she responds

    Enrique Guzman attacked his ex-daughter-in-law Mayela Laguna, whom he accused of hiding little Apolo, who he believed was his blood grandson, until a paternity test revealed that Luis Enrique Guzman is not the child’s biological father, which is why that there was a tremendous scandal.

    “Apollo is already widely published and what was published is the same as I know. One thing I do know, she is hidden and so is Apollo”the singer commented to a group of reporters and also sent a forceful message, “Fuck your mother, really, for me, fuck your mother”.

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    However, it did not take long for her to respond to these statements and she did so through a statement posted on her Facebook account, in which she flatly denied that she is hiding her son.

    “It is important to clarify certain statements made by Mr. Enrique Guzman, my son’s grandfather; which, without a doubt, are based on misinformation or could represent a distortion of the facts. This, since he stated that I have hidden my son and, therefore, I do not allow him to approach him. Said statement is totally false and has no support whatsoever.can be read in part of the text.

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    In addition, he denied that the singer had tried to get closer to the child. “Contrary to what Mr. Guzman states, I have to state that he has not shown any interest in contacting his grandson, when he knows where to contact me and where to look for me for that purpose”reveals the statement, in which it also warns him that if he continues to make dishonest statements, he will go to legal instances.

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