Entertainment"El Vitor" leaves open the possibility of "being the father" of Featherweight

    “El Vitor” leaves open the possibility of “being the father” of Featherweight

    The comedian Adrian Uribe decided to ride the wave of success that has occurred around the singer Featherweight and through one of his characters “opens the possibility of his possible paternity”.

    in an ingenious way, In a video shared through TikTok, the also actor and television presenter decided to characterize his character as “El Vitor” in order to put an end to the rumor that has arisen around the similarity of his look with respect to the one shown by the singer. in their concerts, as well as in the video clips of their songs.

    And it is that, At 24 years old, the interpreter from Jalisco could well be the firstborn of the most famous public transport operator in Mexico City who with half a century of life has also earned the affection of viewers.

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    “Let’s see, once and for all I want to clarify this rumor that has been arousing on social networks, you see that people are not even arguendera and gossip, right? Let’s see, gentlemen, the Featherweight is not my son, that is, I mean, I know that he combs his hair like me, I know that he is charismatic like me, talented, that he sings cool, that he has a very sexy voice like me, but he is not my son. Really! What if he is my son? Dude, what do you think of that girl…”, the popular character from the neighborhood can be heard gracefully singing.

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    And wow what Adrian Uribe’s occurrence generated a positive impact on his social networks, well In a matter of minutes, his humorous characterization generated thousands of comments. demanding that he legally recognize Featherweight as his offspring.

    The truth is that Hassan Kabande Laija’s fame for interpreting lying down corridos has put him above other exponents of the same musical genre such as Natanael Cano, Junior H and Ovi.

    In fact, in just three years of dabbling in music, “Doble P” has achieved an empathy with the new generations of young people eager to hear new proposals that identify with their lifestyle.

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    However, A broad sector of Latino society is beginning to be bothered by songs like “Ella Baila Sola” and “El Belicon”, because in addition to considering that they use a neighborhood language, They reject them for being allusive to criminal groups that see violence as a direct path to becoming millionaires without having to make an effort.

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