EntertainmentEduin Caz stars in a tremendous yacht party with excess drinks

    Eduin Caz stars in a tremendous yacht party with excess drinks

    Eduin Caz had announced some time ago that he would no longer drink alcoholbut apparently he was convinced and went to celebrate on a yacht to party and have drinks with his classmates firm group.

    Apparently the reason for the celebration was that the interpreter of “En Tu Perra Vida” has already reached 8 million followers on his personal Instagram profile.

    The regional Mexican singer posed with a cake with the number “8”, in addition, in the caption of the photo he thanked the support of his followers and even those who only follow him for “gossip”.

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    “Today we reached 8 million. I know that I’m not in the best moment and I know that many are just trying to find some gossip about my life, but likewise, I thank you for the gesture of keeping an eye on me. Those who are here because they like to know about my music project or because they are fond of or appreciate me, I thank you a thousand times more. Thank you very much, ”she insisted.

    As if that were not enough, Eduin Caz shared the screenshot of the moment when it was time to party on a yacht.

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    Later, the singer shared stories, where he can be seen singing with a glass in hand, accompanied by some of his groupmates and his collaborator Dylan Camacho.

    For his part, while Eduin Caz was partying, his ex Daisy Anahy shared images of his trip to Italy on his Instagram profile, where he posed in emblematic places and went shopping.

    He also shared stories with a phrase that said, “Like when you go to Italy and you don’t ask for permission,” implying that he no longer has to answer to anyone.

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    Source: La Opinion

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