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    Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme sings a song by Juan Gabriel but changes the lyrics | VIDEO

    firm group is releasing a new album and for this reason several of the members of the famous group released the news through their official accounts.

    But the musicians do not stop working, in addition to having a very tight schedule full of events in the United States, a country where they have stood out for developing one of the most lucrative tours with “Enfiestados y amanecidos”, at the same time they also create content for their digital platforms.

    One of the songs he sang Edwin Caz to upload to their official accounts, it was “La Farsante”, a theme written by Alberto Aguilera Valadez, better known as Juan Gabriel, although in the recording of the Sinaloan he makes some changes to the lyrics and changes words.

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    Already published, he asked his fans if they would like him to be one of the proposals of Grupo Firme for the coming months.

    It should be noted that this recording was only by Eduin Caz, since in the video he appears together with other musicians from outside Grupo Firme.although the singer has repeatedly declared that it is not in his plans to leave the project that he himself created and of which he is now a partner together with Music VIP.

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    The group has worried people who follow his career, because on his social networks he announced that his health has not been entirely good in recent weeks.

    First he mentioned that his throat is often affected by changes in weather, then he showed a “ball” that came out next to his chin and was even recorded while he was in a session with a nebulizer.

    As regards Grupo Firme, despite the fact that there are several people who discredit the work by Eduin Caz and his companions, have become true “phenomena” of regional Mexican musicTheir popularity has broken borders and they are one of the most listened to stars in all of Mexico, leaving behind talents with many years of experience.

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