EntertainmentDonna D'Errico, former actress of the series "Baywatch", debuts on OnlyFans with...

    Donna D’Errico, former actress of the series “Baywatch”, debuts on OnlyFans with great success

    It’s been a long time since onlyfans It ceased to be a platform dedicated almost exclusively to marketing and consuming pornography. More and more celebrities mainstream who turn to that site in search of an additional source of income, attracted by the advantages it offers creators by ensuring that they are the ones who control the ownership and dissemination of their content

    The actress Donna D’Erricoknown for the television series “Baywatch” has been the last to dare to open an account on this subscription service after criticism rained down on her for the type of publications she was making on Instagram. In fact, the company penalized her for allegedly offering sexual services when she announced that she had joined OnlyFans.

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    The former model of Playboy She is delighted so far with the reception that users have given her because she feels protected from the harassment, censorship and criticism that reign in other social networks. Nor does he understand what the difference is between publishing not too explicit photos that respect the regulations of Instagram or do it in onlyfans. In your case, she produces erotic content in lingerie or bikiniwhich he combines with videos in which he shows his funniest side, and has warned that he will not perform any frontal nudity or respond to those who send him unsolicited images of his genitals.

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    “I’m having a great time and I feel sexier than ever. Men keep complimenting me and I love it. leave me alone When I’m 80 I’ll be glad I did this while I was still attractive.Donna assured.

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