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    Don Francisco confessed how he faced an accusation for “sexual harassment” and another scandal

    Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld, known in the world of Hispanic entertainment as Don Francisco, revealed in ‘Something Personal with Jorge Ramos’ how he faced an accusation for alleged sexual harassment and another episode with an alleged unrecognized son.

    In chapter 5 of the Jorge Ramos series, Don Francisco spoke candidly about some of the difficult issues and situations in his personal and professional life.

    The presenter, for 53 years, of ‘Sabado Gigante’, spoke of the strong accusation made by a Chilean journalist a couple of years ago

    Laura Landaeta published in The counter in 2018 that Mario Kreutzberger allegedly offered electrical appliances in exchange for “sexual favors”; He also explained that the first accusations were made in 1994 in Chile.

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    Another scandal that he lived through was in 2011. A Chilean named Patricio Abraham Flores Mundaca filed a claim for alleged paternity against Don Francisco in his country.

    “Later it was shown in both cases that they were not (true) (…) In neither of the two things had I committed them,” The presenter of ‘Sabado Gigante’ responded to Jorge Ramos.

    In the Ramos program, he highlighted that on both occasions Don Francisco came out publicly to face the accusations.

    Giant Saturday was the show in which the character Don Francisco was born. The program was first broadcast in Chile, where it was on the air from 1962 to 1992. Then, in the US through Univision, from 1986 to 2015.

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    For many years Mario Kreutzberger was very focused on work and his family felt his “absence”. For that reason the legendary television presenter he feels “indebted” to his children: Patricio, Vivian and Francisco.

    Since that episode, he decided to take every Tuesday to dedicate quality time to his family and preserve the mental health of his children.

    At 82 years old, Mario Kreutzberger is still active working. He currently has a podcast and a series of interviews for CNN en Espanol. In addition, he continues to publish books under his authorship.

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    Source: La Opinion

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