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    Dominican woman claims to be possessed by Shakira’s spirit and sings the “Waka Waka”

    A video has gone viral where a pastor is performing an exorcism on a Dominican woman. Same as says that is possessed by the spirit of the Colombian singer Shakira and who sings the “Waka Waka” when you are in full “trance”.

    Right in the middle of a ceremony in a church, the famous Dominican pastor Juan Gabriel Pena published on his Tik Tok account a video of a woman who came to him, well says that Shakira’s spirit lives in her. In the clip that has gone viral on different social networks, the woman with her eyes closed is seen singing with the typical falsetto of Gerard Pique’s ex the “waka waka”.

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    It is also heard that those present, a little incredulous, say: “Yes, but Shakira is alive”. To which the pastor replies: “Yes but that is a song from Africa. Not from Shakira”. While the woman sees herself in the process of exorcism. Until the time of closing this note, his name and details beyond those discussed are unknown.

    After Shakira remove the witch that he had put on the balcony of his house seeing that of his former in-laws, it has reappeared for a few days. Just now that it was revealed that The lawsuits between the mother of Gerard Pique, Monserrat Bernabeu and the Colombian have been so strong that they even came to blows.

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    Supposedly this happened when the interpreter of “Congratulations” and “Monotony” found out that the Pique’s mom knew of the alleged affair with Clara Chia Martin and he would have covered up his infidelity to his son. In theory and according to Socialite, Shakira he got too angry and that would have ended in beatings. They point to the lady as the one who gave the first blow.

    Apparently this controversy with Gerard Pique, Shakira, Clara Chia and everyone involved follows and in parallel fans like The possessed Dominican lady continues to suffer the same.

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    Source: La Opinion

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