EntertainmentDoes William Levy have an affair with Samadhi Zendejas? What is known...

    Does William Levy have an affair with Samadhi Zendejas? What is known so far

    It has begun to be rumored that the chemistry between William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas comes out of the recording studio of ‘Vuelve a mi’, the new Telemundo telenovela in which they make up the lead couple.

    It was the Mexican magazine TVNotas that published an article on June 27 talking about William’s alleged romance with Samadhi, with whom he is recording on location in Mexico City.

    The actors were caught having dinner together at a Japanese food restaurant and, later, entering the same hotel, but with their respective assistants. The aforementioned magazine shared images of the histriones leaving their appointment.

    According to their report, Before going out for the night, Levy was seen in a Dolce & Gabbana branch, from which he left with a bag, which he would later have given to Zendejas because the actress wore the same one when leaving the restaurant and the next morning when leaving the hotel.

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    The date on which the images were recorded was not revealed, but the images are part of the rumors of an affair between the Cuban actor and the Mexican actress.

    In their social networks the actors have shown affectionate treatment, for example, Samadhi Zendejas has for William Levy the tender nickname of “cute eyes”.

    “Pretty eyes, what a pleasure to share this adventure with you, you have no idea how much I ADMIRE YOU”wrote the protagonist of ‘Vuelve a mi’ on June 14 on the social networks of her soap opera partner.

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    After the publication of TVNotas, Elizabeth, who has had a relationship with William for 20 years, in which various rumors of infidelity on his part have cast a shadow on that relationship, published a series of messages on Instagram that many have interpreted as hints.

    “Hug him tight and don’t come back!”was the first message from the Mexican in her ‘stories’, which I accompanied with a fragment of the song ‘Lo que te di’ by salsa singer Marc Anthony.

    In another of the several publications he shared the text: “Actions speak louder than words. The next time someone tries to convince you that they care about you, he watches what he does, not what he says.

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    Supposedly Gutierrez and Levy ended their relationship in 2022, although on family occasions such as their children’s birthdays, they have been seen in very affectionate photos.
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    Source: La Opinion

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