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    Did Galilea Montijo slap Wendy Guevara? The truth of the controversial VIDEO

    Galilee Montijo He is again under the spotlight, as a video is circulating on social networks where he allegedly slapped the winner of “La Casa de los Famosos”, Wendy Guevara.

    It was in a video broadcast on social networks where, according to users, you can see the moment in which the host gives the member of “Las Perdidas” a strong slap in front of her guests.

    Montijo decided to organize after the Grand Final of the reality show, a party of which details were revealed through the social networks of the guests.

    Various media pointed out that it was an evening full of laughter, dancing, alcohol and music, the controversy did not wait as an intense rivalry would have arisen in the heat of the drinks.

    In the video it is observed that Galilea Montijo is in front of Wendy Guevara while she dances and sings, from one moment to the next she slaps her hard, you can even see how the influencer’s hair is ruffled by the blow.

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    Montijo was instantly surprised and covered her face with her hand, while a group of guests approach them to see if everything is okay and hug the reality show winner who also seems disoriented.

    After this moment of tension that many say was experienced, between the also host of “Netas Divinas” and Wendy Guevara, another clip shared on social networks shows what happened moments later.

    Well, it looks like Galilea approaches the influencer to hug her laughing, revealing that everything It was apparently a joke between them, although this did not stop the controversy among the fans of “Las Perdidas”.

    Galilee Montijo once again he gave something to talk about, and on this occasion he showed the great affection that he professes with his new partner, Isaac Moreno. Or at least that’s what the Mexican media revealed.

    It was through social networks that the romantic message that Moreno left him went viral, in one of her thousands of photographs where the presenter is showing off one of her many outfits that she used for “The House of Famous”.

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    Isaac Moreno became a trend after the Spanish model was caught on the beach last March having a great time with the host. And just days later he confirmed that they were meeting, although there was still no formal romance.

    Since then, Galilea and the handsome Spanish model had been very careful not to be seen together, until this past weekend when they attended “La Casa de los famous Mexico” together to enjoy the presentation of Manuel TurizoHowever, now the couple even writes romantic messages on social networks.

    Despite this, so far neither Galilea Montijo, much less the model Isaac Moreno, have openly confirmed that their relationship. But it seems that it was no longer necessary, because after seeing him together on the beach, Isaac showed that he loves the Guadalajara driver, he professed it in networks.

    However, this is no longer the case, because the love they have for each other is so great that they already shout it on their instagram accounts, although, so far they have not shared any photos together, recently, the Spanish model put a “tee I love” the host of Hoy.

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    It was in one of the reels that Galilea Montijo shared this weekend where Isaac Moreno could not take more love and had to shout to the world that the Guadalajara has him in love.

    Before the tender comment where Isaac Moreno says “I love you” to Galilea Montijo, she only limited herself to answering him with two emoticons in the shape of a red heart followed by several plus signs.

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