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    Death Julian Figueroa: What is known about the video leaked by the funeral home

    In the midst of the reactions that have caused the first declarations of Maribel Guardia for the death of his son Julian Figueroaa new controversy has arisen after several media pointed out that a video of the singer’s body had been leaked, which had been sold by the funeral home where his remains were cremated.

    Despite the wishes of the young man’s family to maintain the process of his funeral, this petition was reportedly thrown overboard because The funeral home in charge of his cremation sold and leaked a video of the actor’s body, as reported by journalist Flor Rubio in a recent update on the case.

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    “A little while ago I saw the video that they showed me, where, well, it leaks from the funeral home and you can see its ‘white’ face”, the special envoy of ‘Venga la Alegria’, Gabriel Cuevas, can be heard saying.. Given the sensitivity of the situation, Rubio decided to interrupt the communicator.

    However, Internet users were quick to show their indignation at the news, as this would not only go against the wishes of the family to maintain their privacy, but also against the rights of Julian Figueroa.

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    “They don’t know prudence or respect, but they shouldn’t mess with his life or someone in his family because there they make a big scandal and play the victims,” ​​”To begin with, how sick to be watching videos of someone who has already died just because of the disease ” and “Maribel has always been respectful of the press, how ugly that some of the press are not respectful with her“, are some of the messages that are read on the network.

    It was during the night of April 9 that the 27-year-old singer and actor, Julian Figueroa, unexpectedly lost his life due to a myocardial infarction while he was in the room of his home located south of the City of Mexico.

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    Source: La Opinion

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