EntertainmentDanna Paola reflects on being close to "30"

    Danna Paola reflects on being close to “30”

    Danna Paola celebrated her 28th birthday and reflected on being only two years away from reaching the “third floor”, for many this could cause nerves, but for the singer she assured that she sees this stage with optimism.

    During one of his concerts of his “XT4S1S Tour”the singer took a break to talk to her fans about the joy of being closer to 30 and that she even looks forward to that age.

    “The things that excite me the most are my thirties. I think that it is the age in which one really begins to live as he wants, ”he reflected. Danna Paola to later say that the twenties “are our university, our shit**, our mess”.

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    Whereas when you turn 30, “one says: ‘no, that’s it’, but this is the moment where you are really aware of the adult you want to be.”r. I was very afraid of being an adult then, face it and be proud to reach this age, knowing everything you know, And if you are still discovering yourself, don’t be in a hurry, life goes on and will continue to teach you.

    The also actress told her fans that it is “precious to reach that age and that, despite everything that has happened before, you should be thankful for everything, even more so if you arrive in good health.”

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    Danna Paola He has been seen very happy in his recent publications of instagram, and now she shocked her fans with some photos taken in Acapulco while she was celebrating her 28th birthday, wearing a string bikini and a hat. The message that she wrote next to the images (which have more than a million likes) was: “✨ 28 ✨ with an illuminated heart, on my favorite beach, surrounded by love, my soul shining and sorrows healing”. 🎂

    On June 22 -one day before the special date- the singer shared images that show her posing next to a hammock and even lying on the grass, showing off her statuesque figure in a black micro bikini. I could not miss a photo in which she appears with her boyfriend alex hoyer.

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    Danna Paola has a new single, titled “sugar mommy” and that it is a duet with the Chilean singer Denise Rosenthal. They looked spectacular in the music video for the song, which has so far garnered more than 800,000 views on Youtube.

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