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    Danilo Carrera reveals why he did not want to have children with Michelle Renaud

    One of the relationships in the show that gave the most talk was Danilo Carrera and Michelle Renaud. The couple ended in 2021 claiming that one of the reasons for the end was that the Mexican actress wanted to have children and the Ecuadorian actor was not ready, but until now he reveals his reasons.

    At that time, the actors made a video to publicize the breakup in which she explained that she wanted to give her son Marcelo a brother, but that the soap opera heartthrob did not have that in his plans.

    Two years later -in 2023-, Danilo Carrera breaks the silence and reveals for the first time the reason why he did not want to have a baby with his ex-girlfriend.

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    “There are moments, stages of your life that you choose and it was not there (to be a father). At the end of the day I think you learn, grow and evolve”, Carrera confessed to the media.

    He also assured that the relationship with Michelle Renaud “It’s already part of the past”.

    Although he has not revealed the identity of his current partner, Danilo has said that he is in love, even He gave indications that he has already married the person he wants to start a family with. “I want to have children now. We even have the name, ”revealed the actor.

    The protagonist of ‘El amor invincible’ assured that “Nothing changes (being married)” and that for the wedding in Mexico he will invite the press. He announced that it will take place on the beach.

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    The Ecuadorian actor expressed that he feels very happy in the steps he is taking with his current partner.

    “I am very happy, at the end of the day, When you find someone worth your while, you throw yourself into certain things that you didn’t think of doing before.“, said.

    Regarding the relationship that his ex-girlfriend Michelle Renaud currently has with the Chilean actor Matias Novoa, he only has good wishes.

    “I am very happy; at the end of the day we each have her life and we no longer have a relationship. So I can only wish (Michelle Renaud) the best,” she commented. “The truth is, if she’s happy, I’m happy for her”he added.

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    The actress has shown in recent months that she has a very consolidated relationship with Novoa, rumors of a twin pregnancy have even sounded. On this subject the couple has not issued words.
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    Source: La Opinion

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