EntertainmentDaniella Navarro announces that Nacho Casano ended her relationship: "I can't pretend,...

    Daniella Navarro announces that Nacho Casano ended her relationship: “I can’t pretend, I’m sorry”

    Sunday June 25 was not a very good day for the followers of the love affair between daniela navarro and Nacho Casano Well this came to an end. It was the Venezuelan actress who is characterized by not mincing words and being very frontal, who announced the break with the Argentine actor.

    Through her stories on Instagram, the former participant of ‘La Casa De Los Famosos 2’ revealed the news in a very personal statement.

    “I made this decision for myself because I love to be happy. I can’t pretend, sorry”Daniella wrote at the beginning of the text that she shared on her account on the camera’s social network, where she has more than 2 million followers.

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    Likewise, she assured that she feels relieved for having made the decision to end that relationship, making it clear that not everything that is seen on social networks is real and that she prefers to appear as a bad person in the eyes of some, but never as a person false.

    “Life is not Instagram. I prefer to remain as bad, but never as false. Think what you want. Put me as the bad one, totally me and the people who love me know who I am ”, read in the text.

    Although she did not go into details about what would have happened between Nacho and her to end the relationship that began on the famous Telemundo reality show a year ago, Daniella commented that she wishes the actor the best “in all aspects of his life” and even apologized to the “nachiella” – as the fans of this torrid romance call themselves.

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    In his statement he also promised to do a live soon to talk more about the situation, but he did affirm that “Nothing negative will ever come out of his mouth” from someone with whom he was truly happy at the time.

    “These are very personal issues. I am what you see, I do not pretend to be something else on networks. Thank you for the love for what our relationship was, but I Daniella Navarro was no longer happy with many things and I am left alone in the places where I am happy “he said at the end of his text.

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    And in another story he wrote: “Single and happy. End of statement…”

    At the moment, Nacho Casano has not commented on it, but the news is already generating reactions.

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    Source: La Opinion

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