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    Daniel Elbittar and the reason why he made his wife, Sabrina Seara, cry

    The actor Daniel Elbitter and his wife Sabrina Seara They have melted the hearts of their fans with the tender interaction on social networks that they starred in in the context of Valentine’s Day. What triggered her romantic conversation? Here we tell you the details.

    Through his Instagram account, the actor of the melodrama “El Amor Invencible” took the opportunity to publish a video with which he showed some of the most special moments that he has experienced in his relationship with the also actress.

    This was the first song I dedicated to my wife. Wow, it’s been so many years and we have a beautiful family“He said, alluding to the subject with which he accompanied the tender audiovisual. “I love you with all my heart and we have been able to overcome great obstacles, learn and continue to build together,” he added.

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    However, one of Elbittar’s confessions that caused the biggest stir on the platform was the proposal he made to his current wife. “As I told you at the beginning, if you want to walk together holding hands and fulfill all our dreams, I am here with you. and today after so many years by your side, I renew that proposal that I made to you. Do you accept it?” Wrote the famous.

    It wasn’t long before this detail went viral on the platform and reached the ears of Sabrina Seara herself, who couldn’t help but respond with a message of the same caliber.

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    “Don’t be crazy boy because you have made me cry like this, and of course I accept. Although it has not been easy, we always give our best. I love you beautiful husband”was the answer that the actress of melodramas like “El Senor de los Cielos” and “Betty in NY” added in the comments section.

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