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    Daniel Craig confesses that he did not know how to dance before working on the vodka commercial that went viral

    For Daniel Craigfamous for successful movies and his interpretation of the secret agent James Bond, dancing is not his forte, but he worked hard to make everything go perfectly in a vodka commercial that went viral a few weeks ago and in which he appears giving his best steps .

    During her interview on the show Stephen Colbert Craig gave details about how his work was in that promotional directed by Taika Waititi: “Taika said: ‘Can you dance?’ and I said, ‘Hmm not really. So we got one of the best choreographers, a guy named JaQuel Knight, who basically He Dropped me. because i can’t count“.

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    The commercial is approaching three million views on YouTubebut Daniel said that, contrary to what is seen in the finished work, Knight kept giving him instructions during filming: “When dancing it is very important sometimes to know how to count, to know when to arrive, and to start like that. He was yelling at me, ‘Come on, get loose, let me see those hips! And basically it was that, ”he concluded.

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