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    Daniel Arenas received a surprise on his birthday and rumors of a break with Daniela Alvarez were fueled

    Colombian actor and presenter Daniel Arenas He celebrated his 44th birthday on March 30, 2023 with his colleagues from the Telemundo program ‘Hoy dia’. During the broadcast, Arenas received surprises and shared a motivational message in which he invited everyone to fulfill their dreams in life.

    The production of the program brought a chocolate cake and a birthday song; Penelope Menchaca, Adamari Lopez, Andrea Meza and ‘Chiky Bombom’ were in charge of entering the set with a surprise for Daniel.

    For his part, Frederik Oldenburg, another of the presenters, also dedicated a few words to Arenas in a video shared on Instagram, highlighting the values ​​and human quality of the actor.

    “I am short of words to express what your friendship has been in this short time working together. You are a man full of values ​​and who puts love and family first. Thank you for so much in such a short time, you have a brother here”Oldenburg said to his colleague.

    During the program, a connection was also made via Skype with Daniel’s parentswho took the opportunity to send him an emotional message of congratulations and pride for his professional achievements in the United States.

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    “Happy birthday, son! We love you very much and we want God to continue blessing you. We are very proud of you and your new job in the United States, that’s why we are waiting for you to celebrate”, expressed his mother. The dad added to the message: “Today and always we want to celebrate your life and show you our love and admiration. We are proud of the professional, friend and son that you are”.

    For his part, the birthday boy offered some emotional and thoughtful ones on his day. “My birthday message is that every day we fulfill dreams, not just years. And I don’t know if it is said to fulfill, but rather, to go through years of life and do it with great gallantry, love, humility and happiness. Let’s meet every day in this life, every day is important, but today is my birthday and I’m happy. Also, they brought me vallenato, no jod*, from Colombia”, he said with emotion.

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    Although Daniel Arenas’ celebration was joyful and emotional, the attention of some Internet users focused on the absence of his girlfriend Daniela Alvarez and on rumors of an alleged break between them. On the actor’s birthday, the model would not have congratulated him, or at least not publicly, but he did show his new kitchen.

    For months the couple has not published photos or videos together in months, which has generated speculation about their sentimental situation. The final decision would have been made after the controversy generated by the kiss that Arenas gave to Adamari Lopez in the middle of the broadcast of ‘Hoy Dia’, for which the actor publicly apologized and clarified that he had no romance with anyone.

    I acted wrong and I did wrong, I resolved the situation in a wrong way. I was not in a character, nor in a novel. It seems important to me to say it, not because of the controversy, but because of my partner. It’s not fair for her to see me, in a presenter position, even giving someone a pick. I did not commit a sin or have an affair with anyone, I want to make it clear, “ The actor and presenter pointed out after the controversy that broke out,” he said at the time.

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    Despite the rumors, Daniel Arenas celebrated his birthday with joy and positive messages, once again demonstrating his charisma and professionalism on television.
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