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    Daisy Anahy, wife of Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme, defended her husband with nails

    After what firm group will liven up the halftime of the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers in the return of the NFL to Mexico.

    This decision was not to the liking of the fans of this sport because they assured that the Tijuana group is not the right target for this type of event.

    Despite the negative comments, Edwin Caz and company appeared at halftime of said match at the Azteca Stadium, but those present at the sporting event were not expected They were going to boo them from start to finish in their presentation, in this situation Daisy Anahy, wife of the leader of Grupo Firme, showed her unconditional support for the father of her children.

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    Despite the fact that it was a very important presentation for Grupo Firme, Eduin Caz’s wife was not present at the Colossus of Santa Ursula, but she did not miss the performance of the father of her children and for this she met with her friends.

    It was through her Instagram stories that Daisy Anahy showed her full support for Eduin Caz because Despite the booing that he and the other members of Grupo Firme received, it applauded the group’s victories.

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    “They are the best Grupo Firme. All my respect and admiration for the great artist that you are, Eduin Caz, we love you with all our souls”, Daisy wrote in her story

    Said text was written over a short video of her famous husband’s performance at the Azteca Stadium, who had a bitter moment in this wave of successful performances that he has had in recent months.

    It should be noted that, until the writing of this note, neither Eduin Caz nor anyone from Grupo Firme remained silent after the boos they received at halftime at Monday Night Football.

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    Eduin Caz was even able to talk to a media outlet and assured that both he and the other members of Grupo Firme were very excited and grateful to the NFL for having taken them into account to liven up the halftime of this game.

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