EntertainmentCOVID alert on RBD tour! A member sings infected

    COVID alert on RBD tour! A member sings infected

    Despite the fact that the World Health Organization revealed a few months ago that COVID infections have been reduced to a minimum worldwide. The world has begun to register new cases of this virus, and this time one of those affected would be nothing more and nothing less than RBD.

    A source very close to the Mexican group, revealed EXCLUSIVELY to La Opinion that one of the singers would be infected with this virus that claimed millions of lives between 2020 and 2022.

    This source informed us that the person infected again would be the famous Anahi, who we remember that precisely in the reunion she had with RBD, in the middle of the pandemic, she was also affected by this virus.

    Well, that time, they came together to do a virtual concert, which was a complete success, but that ended with her and her husband becoming infected while they were recording this special that was a resounding success.

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    Just like his current start of the “Soy Rebelde Tour”, which began in the United States, and has been a complete and resounding success. Well, in every venue that they have performed they have had unprecedented sellouts, as was the case a few days ago at the very famous and very prestigious Madison Square Garden.

    But this new contagion could put the tour in check, because if it breaks out at some point, the entire team that accompanies them could be affected in their health. And therefore, they could postpone some dates.

    Well, according to the influencer Chamonic3, there would also be another person infected, and it would be Maite Perroni, but this information remains unconfirmed.

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    Since we remember that thanks to the vaccines that began to be applied in 2021, mortality decreased significantly around the world, although it does not completely prevent you from getting infected. And it is known that most of the group is vaccinated.

    The one who could raise doubts is none other than Christopher Uckermann, who let us remember that in February 2021, He pointed out that he does not believe in vaccines, and assured that neither he nor anyone in his family would get vaccinated. So it is unknown whether he managed to get vaccinated or not..

    Even at that time, Christopher was also questioned after, in December 2020, Anahi was infected by their reunion. But he continued to insist that he would not get vaccinated.

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    Never mind that Belinda’s grandmother also died from the terrible virus, who is one of her friends, and with whom she had a loving relationship.

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    Source: La Opinion

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