EntertainmentChristian Nodal sings “Divine Women” to Cazzu during a concert in Miami

    Christian Nodal sings “Divine Women” to Cazzu during a concert in Miami

    Christian Nodal He publicly demonstrated his love for Cazzu againthis time during the concert he offered in Miami, Florida, where he performed the song “Divine Women” with deep feeling and revealed that it was a special dedication to his girlfriend who was behind the scenes.

    On November 17, during the Latin Grammys 2022 held in Las Vegas, Christian Nodal and his girlfriend Juliet Emilia Cazzuchelli, better known as Cazzu, were seen together on the red carpet, in addition to which he dedicated a few words to her after winning the award for ‘Forajido’ in the category of best ranchera-mariachi music album; but now the couple is giving something to talk about on social networks due to the publication of a video in which the singer expressed his love on stage.

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    It was exactly through TikTok that a video began to circulate in which the interpreter from Caborca, Sonora, interprets “Divine Women”, a song written by the Mexican composer Martin Urieta and who became famous in the voice of Vicente Fernandez.

    And it is that while he was on the stage of the FTX Arena in Miami, Florida, on November 11, Christian Nodal once again drew attention for his romantic dedications when he went to where the Argentine singer was to make it clear that this topic it had a very special dedication, so after his performance, Cazzu clapped and smiled.

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    But this is not the only demonstration of love that the interpreter of songs like “We are no longer nor will we be”, or “Botella after bottle” has had, because during the concert he offered last weekend in the State of Tlaxcala, in Mexico, the public chanted the name of the rapper and composer when they discovered that she was in the venue, an attitude that Christian Nodal appreciated.


    Cazzu at the Christian Nodal show at the Tlaxcala Fair 2022 🖤💚 #feriatlaxcala2022 #palenquetlaxcala #tlaxcala #mexico #christiannodal #nodal #nodalfans #cazzu #cazzuoficial #cazzufans #fypシ #fyp #parati #viral ♬ From The Kisses That Te Say – Christian Nodal

    After a few words, he approached again to the place where Cazzu was to give her a romantic kiss on the mouth. As expected, the couple has been recognized by their fans who do not stop ensuring that they make a beautiful couple.

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    Response to @janu.gonze Kiss from Nodal to Cazzu at the Tlaxcala Fair 2022 💋 #feriatlaxcala2022 #palenquetlaxcala #tlaxcala #mexico #christiannodal #nodal #nodalfans #cazzu #cazzuoficial #cazzufans #fypシ #fyp #parati #viral ♬ If You Were I – Christian Nodal

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