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    Christian Nodal reacts to the first episode of the Netflix series “One Piece”

    Christian Nodal He is one of the most successful regional Mexican performers, but apart from that he is a big fan of manga “One Piece”created by Eiichiro Oda and which has just been released in Netflix in version live-action. This platform invited him to watch the first chapter of the series, and he was very detailed in his comments, especially because he knows the plot well since he was a teenager.

    In a video the singer appears wearing a bandana on his head and very attentive to the series, saying: “My favorite character from “One Piece” is Zoro. I’ve already dyed my hair green, I’ve already gotten a tattoo and the scar…I had a stage where I was really very obsessed. I really liked that the effects are well done. I love what they did with Zoro, the fight scenes and all that.”

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    Nodal found it to be a faithful adaptation of the manga: “The first thing I thought when I found out that a live action It’s just that first I worried a lot, and it’s because (“One Piece”) has a message of so many things. It’s not about what people think of as cartoons. It is a message that gives value to words, to promises. When an anime arrives that impacts your life, anything precious arrives in your life and you take so much, so much appreciation for it, you make it so personal, do you understand me? Thank you, Mr. Oda, for launching this masterpiece.” “One Piece” has generally obtained good reviews and stars Inaki Godoy, Emily Rodd and Mackenyu; The first season consists of eight episodes.

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