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    Christian Nodal mocks the American group that criticized Mexico and its food | VIDEO

    For a few weeks now, the group “Yahritza y su esencia” have given a lot to talk about, after their controversial statements about CDMX and Mexican food by assuring that the gastronomy of their native Washington is much better. something you used Christian Nodal to get revenge and make fun of them.

    After this, the group that despite having its origins in the United States, interprets Regional Mexicano has received hundreds of criticisms, not only from some who were followers.

    Now some celebrities have also joined these accusations, including Christian Nodal who did not miss the opportunity to laugh at the statements made by the members of “Yahritza and its essence” about the food of our country.

    It was through his social networks that the Sonoran made fun of the controversial and unfortunate comments that “Yahritza y su esencia” made a few weeks ago while they were visiting Mexico as part of their promotion.

    Through his Instagram stories, Nodal shared that he had spent the weekend in Panama and although he was a bit “shaky” for not being able to return to Mexico since he had some pending work, he really enjoyed his visit to the countries of South America. South.

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    And it is that Nodal revealed that, due to weather difficulties, he could not travel to Mexico, however, he took a moment off from his busy schedule to enjoy the typical places, as well as the gastronomy of Panama, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

    Despite the fact that the interpreter of songs like “Cazzualidades”, “De los besos que te di”, among others, assured that the food is delicious in Panama and that its people are incredible, he did not miss the opportunity to make fun of the comments that ” Yahritza and its essence” they did a few months ago about the food of our country.

    Nodal pointed out while laughing, a comment that Christian made due to what the Members of “Yahritza y su esencia” revealed that they ate only chicken without any type of spice since they were very sensitive to the stomach.

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    After the unfortunate statements of the members of “Yahritza y su esencia”, on social networks they have asked that the music, as well as the presentations of this group, be canceled in Mexico.

    And last weekend the rumor began that the concerts that they announced on their social networks would be cancelled. But so far, on the official page that the group shares on its official networks, the presentations of “Yahritza and its essence” are still standing.

    The sweet wait Christian Nodal and cazzu Because of her eldest daughter, every day she causes half the world to stalk the controversial couple to find out about the upcoming arrival of the princess of the house.

    This time we find a beautiful video shared by the Argentine singer in which you can see how your little baby kicks from the wombas if she was anxious to get out very soon.

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    It was in a brief clip of just a few seconds, in which the interpreter of “Peliculeo” had the opportunity to capture the exact moment in which her baby moves inside the womb.

    The South American interpreter shared this video on her Instagram stories, however, she did not write anything about the moment.

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