EntertainmentChristian Nodal is caught looking at a fan's cleavage in full concert

    Christian Nodal is caught looking at a fan’s cleavage in full concert

    Christian Nodal He is giving people something to talk about on social networks, this time because he forgot about his girlfriend for a moment cazzu for turn to see the cleavage of a fan in full concertattitude that was captured on camera.

    After showing off his love for Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, better known as Cazzu, during the Latin Grammys 2022 on November 17 and days before dedicating the theme Mujeres Divinas to her at the concert she offered in Miami, Florida, the singer from Caborca, Sonora, was captured in a compromising situation that is grabbing the headlines, as well as the reactions of his fans and detractors.

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    It all happened during his presentation on November 19 at the Palenque of the Tlaxcala Fair, in Mexico, where a fan discovered that the singer was looking at her cleavage while he approached her to live together, the embarrassing moment was captured by the camera this same person.

    The short recording was exposed on TikTok by the user named Gaby, who noted: “That neckline stole Nodal’s gaze“, and in it you can see the exact moment in which the singer’s eyes rest on the pronounced neckline, which generated a new controversy.

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    Luckily for him, the compromising situation only lasted a few seconds, because shortly after Christian Nodal re-dissected his gaze and quickly withdrew to continue singing for the public that attended the palenque in Tlaxcala.

    As expected, the indiscretion of the Mexican artist generated comments in which some users concluded that his attitude was because the fan looks like Belindawhile some others asked Cazzu to be tagged to see what her boyfriend does during concerts.

    But it should be noted that Christian Nodal and Cazzu not only show off their love publicly, but also do not separate and travel everywhere together, because during this same presentation they were seen in an affectionate attitude and even their name was chanted by the attendees when they noticed her presence and immediately the also composer approached her to kiss her on the mouth.

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    Source: La Opinion

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