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    Christian Nodal announces the date on which his baby with Cazzu will be born

    For Christian Nodal, this year 2023 has been completely different from the others because the young singer moved away from the controversies and focused his attention on his career, which is becoming more successful every day, but he is also living one of the most special moments of his life. life, because he and Cazzu are waiting for their first daughter.

    It was in the middle of April when both Nodal and Cazzu, after several weeks of rumors of a pregnancy, finally confirmed the couple in an iconic way that very soon they will have their first child in their arms, days after the confirmation of the interpreter of ” Of the kisses I gave you” mistakenly revealed the sex of his baby, now the singer has revealed the month in which he will have his firstborn in his arms.

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    As we mentioned before, after confirming that Cazzu is pregnant, Christian Nodal in an interview during his visit to South America, said that they were expecting a beautiful girl.

    And although the singer who recently made history with his presentation at El Foro Sol in CDMX tried to fix the situation, it was too late because everyone realized that the young man “messed up” as he is colloquially called.

    Now, with the few data that were available about Cazzu’s pregnancy, the singer assured in an interview with Franco Escamilla that other types of details about his daughter’s birth will be private, however, the young interpreter once again gave information about his daughter. in a talk he had with the magazine Hola! Americas.

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    And it is that, Nodal revealed the date on which his daughter will come into this world, because on social networks some assured that she could be born in the month of August, the reality is that the Mexican regional interpreter said that it will be in September when he has his princess in his arms.

    “…from Spain he confirmed to us that September is the due date (expiration date)”, can be read in the digital version of the magazine Hola! Americas

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    On the other hand, the happy couple is more in love than ever, as they have shown it in the most recent presentation of Nodal at the Foro Sol, where they danced to the rhythm of “De los besos que te di” and kissed in front of more than 65 thousand people who gathered at the venue on the night of May 27.

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